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My paintings provide a calming space to contemplate, a chance to slow down and lose yourself, in a world familiar yet unknown.

Atmospheric oil paintings inspired by the natural elements, subtle suggestion, and memories.


I create instinctively, allowing time to play and work to develop organically, it’s all about the power of the process. Starting with gestural mark making, pouring, later building up layers of oil paint, forming shapes of abstracted land and sea and finally refining.

Softening, blending, or ‘buffing’, creating delicate line, patterns of the water.


Working from my Wiltshire garden studio, a place to ponder and immerse in painting.

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Photo credit to Kate at Captured Moments Photography

Laura Richards Artist Apron in Garden Studio


My garden studio is a peaceful environment, a quiet, calm place - a retreat where time stands still. 

Surrounded by visual inspiration and objects from coastal walks, along with creative tools to hand, means I can become completely immersed in my process. 

The Studio is opened regularly for classes and 121 sessions, allowing others to become inspired by the surroundings for themselves.


Melksham, Wiltshire. 

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